Global Coverage

Weather data is the core of our business. Without it, we couldn’t accurately evaluate your weather risk.

We are continually receiving the latest weather updates from thousands of weather stations to best serve you and your needs.

Global Risk Management

At MSI GuaranteedWeather, we are eager to work with you to manage your weather risk anywhere in the world. Over the years, we have received awards as the leading broker/dealer of weather derivative products in various regions around the world. Our experience in managing weather risk spans six continents and is limited only by the availability of reliable weather data (both historic and current) at the location where your risk is focused.

Our global presence provides an important direct benefit to our clients--we can manage your weather risk as part of a broader global portfolio and thus maximize the benefits of portfolio diversification. This translates to lower prices for you, the customer. Despite being a low cost provider, we take great pride in providing a high level of customer support and consistently receive positive feedback from customers on our solutions--from start to finish.

Our experience also allows us to offer our customers a variety of weather risk management solutions ranging from simple call/put options or swap transactions to more complex straddles, strangles or other combinations of coverage (including single or multi trigger events).

Simply put, MSI GuaranteedWeather's global presence, vast experience in weather risk management and customer-focused staff allow us to provide our customers with best-in-class weather risk management products.

Please call us to discuss your unique weather risk concerns. We are here to help.